Welcome to a new adventure

Ciao my name is Barbara and this is my first post: I want to tell you about this adventure which is about to start.

Where does my story start from? Well, in the past I worked in communications and events organisation for various occasions, activities linked in some way to the tourist sector. For several years I gained experience in a traditional travel agency, in the role of a classical travel agent.

Compromises or choices? My professional ambitions were no longer in line with those of a traditional travel agent; the world is changing as is what I want from life. The direction I had chosen followed a model which seemed to be designed for me, but something showed me I was wrong. I realised that time is the most precious thing in the world and spending it in a pleasant, trouble-free way (even if it isn’t always easy) is a duty towards ourselves, towards myself. And I often repeated:

Life is short, play hard!

So, I decided to follow a new road, leaving the daily reality of the agency. I wanted to believe once again in my abilities and I followed that everyone had been telling me for a long time:

“you are a positive person, you never give up, you like challenges, and you are a welcoming, nice, very helpful person. Someone you can trust.”

The real boost? All signals lead me to the change, the final decision. First of all a dear friend who opened up the way for an important collaboration. And then, the esteem of all the people I knew and with whom I have established wonderful relationships.

 “Step by step, you will reach the stars…”

Who am I today?  Thanks to a path aimed at discovering my professional identity and my work objectives, I am an Inspirational Travel Designer. This is the definition which most represents my role today: to inspire and design destinations more than ever according to the desires of the traveller.

What do I want? To excite friends, acquaintances and many others! Holidays are always eagerly awaited, rich in expectations, so it is important that the time dedicated to trips (whether they are short or long) should become an exhilarating moment.

The true journey starts when you decide to leave. It is the path to get to your destination and not the destination itself. My wish is to make you dream by taking part in themed meetings, reading stories together, telling you about experiences, tasting the cuisine of other countries, in short organising “little salons”, where you can find inspiration and ideas for your next holiday. Perhaps you will depart for destinations you would never have thought of visiting, just like what happened to me when I discovered India.

Every journey makes us live a new life and the end of a journey in actual fact is always the start of another.

And each person lives it according to their own soul.

Here is who I am and what I would like!


“We only see well with our heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes”

(Le petit Prince)

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