Personalized travel experiences: Charumati

Trips to suggest, stories to share, places to talk about.

There are so many destinations to be discovered. Not all original, unexplored or visited for the first time, but what is important is how you experience them.

Charumati is here to help you to reach those places, offering its expertise to create your customized travel experiences.

Every trip will be organised and designed on the basis of your ideas, your personality and your preferences. The true value isn’t in what you see but in what you feel, and the most exciting world is the one experienced through a very unique filter: your own.

About me

I DESIGN, CREATE AND TELL STORIES ABOUT charmed trips close-by and far away. Follow me; I will be the ballad singer of trips and your Dream Catcher. Together we will transform the place you have always wanted to visit into the most exciting fable.

Dreaming about travelling, getting to know people and far-off places was my favourite pastime when I was a child. After graduating in Public Relations and Advertising and years of experience in the Tourism sector, I create personalised, made-to-measure trips for those who like me, want to have magical experiences.

India is the Country which excites me the most with its sensations and emotions. Every time I travel to the land of Gandhi, I begin a veritable journey of the 5 senses.  Charumati. the name I was given by an Indian friend and which in Sanskrit means “Beautiful Mind” .

This Country and its people still have the power of enchanting me. It is in their honour that I realise your dreams of adventure and excitement in the capacity of Charumati.

What I do


I DESIGN your holiday, nearby or far away, your honeymoon, trips as a couple or with children.

Trips designed and studied according to your idea of a trip. Destinations and experiences which are adapted to your personality and to your way of being. This is why each holiday will be different from that of someone else even if you chose the same destination. It is unique because it is experienced according to your senses.

I CREATE personalised holidays and maps.

The itinerary created day by day according to your travelling rhythms, calculating distances, and stop-offs, advising you or telling about activities in the surrounding area, where to go shopping etc.

At each moment you will be able to see your trip developing and gradually becoming rich in information and details. Therefore we start from the general information ending by defining each individual day.

I will involve you in the creation of every experience. I will carry out all searches recommending only services and reliable contacts, local guides and operators specialised in the sector. The web is full of advice and travel ideas of varying degrees of reliability and often finding your way around is difficult and time-consuming. Your time is precious and with my help you will be more relaxed and trouble-free when you start your trip.

I TELL stories about travel experiences from which I take inspiration.

Through the stories of my travellers you can discover never considered destinations or you can desire the destinations you have always dreamed about.


I work completely independently, without commercial constraints I choose the solutions most suited to you with the sole aim of satisfying your expectations. I give advice and suggestions on the basis of my professional experience. If I don’t have direct experience in a particular area, I use the support of experts in the sector with whom I have created a long-term relationship of trust. Many of them are local correspondents who I know personally. These direct contacts represent real added value because they make it possible to travel at better prices.

Contact me

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You have to create your trip and you need someone to guide and advise you? Do you have a doubt about your itinerary?

Feel free to contact me as you wish.


Phone: +39 3804793298

Skype: bbcosta76