About me

I DESIGN, CREATE AND TELL STORIES ABOUT charmed trips close-by and far away. Follow me; I will be the ballad singer of trips and your Dream Catcher. Together we will transform the place you have always wanted to visit into the most exciting fable.

Dreaming about travelling, getting to know people and far-off places was my favourite pastime when I was a child. After graduating in Public Relations and Advertising and years of experience in the Tourism sector, I create personalised, made-to-measure trips for those who like me, want to have magical experiences.

India is the Country which excites me the most with its sensations and emotions. Every time I travel to the land of Gandhi, I begin a veritable journey of the 5 senses.  Charumati. the name I was given by an Indian friend and which in Sanskrit means “Beautiful Mind” .

This Country and its people still have the power of enchanting me. It is in their honour that I realise your dreams of adventure and excitement in the capacity of Charumati.