Around Milan

MILAN, a city to discover because it knows how to give emotions and sensations.

It is the custodian of artistic and historic treasures and I do not only refer to the well-known treasures of the Duomo, the Last Supper, the Sforza castle etc.. but it offers charming corners, enchanting little streets rich in atmosphere. Pleasant walks amongst the numerous cafés, artisan workshops and historic buildings. Everything tells us about the rich past of the city and the people who have lived there, among lights and shadows.

But Milan also boasts a modern face, designed by Italian and International architects with very great results: from the brand-new piazza Gae Aulenti with the highest skyscraper in Italy, the highly awarded Vertical Wood, and the ex Varesine area.

Book a tour of the city or the scheduled exhibitions with art experts. If you like, you can also book a Milanese experience just to get to know the most characteristics and authentic places to eat, drink a good cocktail or go shopping. All of this accompanied by an authentic Milanese!

A city for foreigners to visit and a city for the Milanese to rediscover….

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